Well, true to technology I couldnt post the message to my own server, instead having to rely on blogspot until I can figure out why it won't work. Always these are the limits of the imagination, the nuts & bolts which don't go together as easily as imagined.
Well I've been sucked into the blog meme. Most of the blogs Ive encountered have left me blank, but today after seeing some of the hypertext blogs like Jill Walker's it convinced me to push the blog button & see if this is a cyberism which will actually facilitate my work in developing a new moo with the help of Katherine Parrish. As is typical of my work -- I really can't get too far until I come up with a title (or a working title) for the prjct. Today the name Collision appeals to me... This being a moo about creating a collaborative hypermedia studio where designers & artists can collaborate online in real time. How does Collision sound?